Firma SAPIENCY Sp. z o.o. uzyskała wsparcie finansowe z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego

Wsparcie finansowe z EFRR

Next-generation community


Combination of Patreon, TikTok and NASDAQ.

How it works

Let your community be closer and build value together.

Your community is there for your and they want to help you grow but even though they want to, they often don't have a chance to do so. Either they don't have time or there is nothing particular they can do. But this can change with your token. It gives you and your audience a new medium of engagement.

Your social currency

Adding token to your community builds the common interest in your success. This token is traded on the market and creates a financial incentive to be even more engaged.

Token presale

You can raise some funds in exchange for your tokens, to get to the next level and become an independent creator.

Sarah use case

How Sapiency can help influencers?

Sarah is an influencer.
She has over 100K subscribers on YouTube and she's TikTok famous.
She want to follow her dreams and devote full time to her passion.

Sarah has her own social currency
She issues 21,000,000 SARAH tokens.

Sarah is doing a token presale
She decided to sell 1,000,000 SARAH and raise $10,000 to invest it in new equipment, next endeavor and become an independent creator.

Community inner circle
Her token holders gather on exclusive live livestreams on Sapiency app. Vote on her next ideas and have a closer relation with Sarah.

The more SARAH tokens they hold the more access and influence they can have on her.

Her networth is now over...
$1,000,000 USD
Be like Sarah, Cash yourself now!
Meet the team

People behind Sapiency

Rahim Blak
Rahim Blak


Adrian Mazurczyk
Adrian Mazurczyk




Tomasz Dziedzic
Tomasz Dziedzic


Rafał Świaczny
Rafał Świaczny

Brand Manager

Łukasz Minkiewicz
Łukasz Minkiewicz


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